title image for Paul Treacy's street photography website

Blue glow from passing emergency vehicle in Catford south London as seen from top deck of London bus

Art Director Niall O'Leary at Millennium Images, when describing my work, said that I like "to find mystery and menace in the everyday." I'll take that. Thanks Niall.

figure in upstairs window appearing to want to escape as seen from passing train across south London

Figure of bloke in upstairs window of dark mansion in Sydenham south London

backlit monkey puzzle tree in south London

spooky dark path leading to an abyss

DO MORE graffiti message writed on pedestrian subway wall in Basildon Essex London

mini Calvary in Sydenham

famine memorial in Connemara County Galway in Irelad

path to oblivion as pedestrian railway bridge leads to a graveyard in south London

shopping trolley wheel emerging from deep snow as in a scene from an apocalyptic film movie

giant granefly on car wing mirror

RAF flyby passing silhouette of dragon as seen from The Strand in Central London

glistening golden skyscraper emerges from dense fog over City of London

foggy doggy in Crystal Palace Park in south London

strange scene of fox passing beneath huge white wall with fantom doorway

detritus on street appearing like a portal to another place and time as descarded mirror cabinet reflects street

Limo to Lourdes title of image of stretch limo on a Manhattan street with pair of crutches on the groud alongside

strange domestic scene of postrate youngster's legs poking through kitchen doorway

spooky hotel corridor in San Fransisco USA

Spectre approaching car on dark wet night

reflection of me at desk while working

shadow of spooky backlit tree on window as seen from inside

sun appearing to be trapped in upstairs window of house in Sydenham south London with a cloud appearing to be stuck in a tree

nature takes over garden with huge tree enveloping a vintage MG sports car in overgrown garden in south London

sofa on the street in Croydon south London

man with phone to ear passed strange art work of giant circular saw cutting into a loung chair on a street in Brooklyn New York City with American flags on fence

fussy pigeons avoiding the crusts of sliced bread on street in west London