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One Day Only Offer (24hrs)

Signed 5x7 Giclée print with any order of Passerby photozine placed today, Sunday 3rd April 2022. (Ends 5pm Monday) There are now 4 issues available with number 5 following shortly.

For those who have already ordered #4, I will include something special to your order should you go for #5 as well.

I'm trying to expand interest in this project and I also need to replenish stocks of paper, ink, and blades for future issues.

I'm also learning how to be more entrepreneurial by improving my understanding of social media. I know what I'm doing when it comes to photography and handcrafting books, prints and zines but I struggle with business.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on zines or prints you may have purchased. Any comments that might allow me to make improvements to products, how they're packaged or my presentation.

Also if you have work you've been doing that you'd like some feedback on, or if you have any questions on my process that you'd like to try, please don't hestitate to make contact either through email, via Instagram or Twitter.

I've had some excellent back and forth on social media recently and would love to do more of this. Let me know what you're up to, if you want.

I must go and clean the car before upcoming family trip to Ireland next week, for a week. Haven't been back in quite some time due to the pandemic. Hopefully I'll make some work to include in #6.


Back soon with pictures from Wexford.

Thank you for your time.